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Product category:
Analogue bar graph display:
Multiple display:
Measuring range selection:
Max. voltage measuring range, AC(V):
Lowest resolution, AC voltage:
Max. voltage measuring range, DC(V):
Lowest resolution, DC voltage:
Max. current measuring range, AC(A):
Lowest resolution, AC current:
Max. current measuring range, DC(A):
Lowest resolution, DC current:
Max. resistance measuring range(M Ohm):
Lowest resolution, resistance:
Temperature measurement:
Resistance test/diode test:
Capacitance measurement:
Frequency measurement:
With decibel measurement (dB):
Relative value measurement:
Inductance measurement:
With conductivity measurement:
Data hold:
Max. value storage:
Min. value storage:
Peak value memory:
True RMS measurement:
Duty cycle measurements:
Measured value memory:
Measuring circuit category:
Analogue bar graph display analogue/logarithmical:
Temperature measurement TC:
Nominal test voltage 10 V:
Nominal test voltage 50 V:
Nominal test voltage 100 V:
Nominal test voltage 250 V:
Nominal test voltage 500 V:
Nominal test voltage 1000 V:
Cable length measurement:
Cable symmetry testing for two wire connections a-b-E:
Power and energy measurement:
Harmonics analysis/power quality:
Continuity test:
Rotational speed measuring:
Bluetooth interface:
IR interface:
Automatic circuit breaker:
Max. voltage measuring circuit category(V):
Explosion-tested version:

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Amprobe 3534088 Multimeter
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Amprobe 4909794
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Amprobe 8289137
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