Request for Quote (RFQ)

line We gladly help you with your enquiries regarding price, lead-time and shipping. We can also help you with product advice and work with manufacturers to create customized proposals. Please send us an email with your requirements to Our team will respond to you in one or two business days with a quote.

Please note that it is faster to order online. Pricing for small orders is as advertised on the website. Contact us for lead time for out of stock items and reduced pricing for larger orders.
  • Omnical only quotes on manufacturers and brands we carry.
  • Omnical specializes in electrical parts.
  • We ship worldwide with the exception of countries under an EU or UN embargo.
  • Omnical does not sell obsolete or second hand parts. We only sell new parts. We do help our customers finding replacing parts for parts that have become obsolete.
  • Stock positions on our website are accurate and updated near real-time.
  • In stock items are shipped on the same or next business day. Our default shipping method is DHL Express.
  • Lead-time for out of stock items are estimated at two to three weeks. Actual lead-time depends manufacturer’s stock or production scheduling at the manufacturer. If you need an accurate lead-time from us, please ask us.
  • Prices on the website apply to orders under a few €1000s. For larger orders we give discounts if our margins allow us to do so.
  • You can request your shopping cart as a quote or invoice at checkout. By doing so, you will have your quote or invoice sooner than when you email us. Signing up for online quotes and invoices as check out options is quick (a one page form).
For more information about our offering, pricing, shipping and payment, please see our FAQ pages or contact us by email or phone.