About the Omnical Company

line About the Omnical Company Omnical gives you access to one of the largest online assortment of electrical supplies. You can freely browse our products and see pricing, lead times and stock for nearly one million products. Our offering ranges from switches and lighting to industrial automation and cables. We represent 185 well-known and reputable electrical supply manufacturers.

A group of enthusiasts with backgrounds in electrical supplies, trade and online marketing started Omnical in 2013. We believe that electrical supplies should be accessible for all at reasonable prices. We provide transparency in our offering by making our full catalog available online. We work hard to maintain a comprehensive overview of electrical supply that is easily searchable. We integrate with our supply chain so we often have real time insight in what products are available where.

Ordering from us should be straightforward with only the necessary paperwork. Where possible, we do things online and automated. We do not spend a lot of time selling and care more about you have a good buying experience. We therefore do not have a dedicated sales force. Instead we have account management responsible for both pre-sales questions and seeing your orders through delivery.

There are many reasons our customers choose for buying form Omnical:
  • Hard to find products can be found at Omnical.
  • Omnical complements existing suppliers. We often act as a backup or second source.
  • Omnical provides the service and specialties from a electrical wholesale with the convenience of an online shop.
Our customers are often technicians, installers, trade and engineers. We support customers in the early stages of product development through Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO). Our homebase is the Netherlands, a convenient location for logistics. We sell worldwide. Examples of Industries we serve are: 
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical processing
  • Food processing
  • Agriculture
  • Off-shore, maritime Mining, natural resources, energy
  • Local and national government
  • Hospitals, schools
  • Private individual 
Curious? Find your electrical supplies and experience Omnical.